R2 collectibles is a collaboration of trading card collectors aiming to deliver high quality artwork to the blockchain.

Our mission it to bring high quality art and collectibles from various artists, galleries and celebrities to the WAX blockchain.

Using non‑fungible tokens we guarantee authentic and easily transferable art for everybody.

For the technical handling of this set R2 collectibles is happy to partner up with EOS Amsterdam.

As an experienced blockchain producer EOS Amsterdam will have required knowledge and know-how for releasing this trading card set.

WAX is a cryptocurrency used for trading cards and digital collectibles.

The WAX blockchain is designed to make e-commerce transactions faster, easier, and safer for all participants.

Atomichub is the largest NFTs marketplace for the WAX blockchain.

Junkadelic Music is a French/International independent record label.

Based in Paris/France but expanding business in NYC, Memphis (TN) and Oakland (CA) producing French and American hip-hop.