Frequently Asked Questions

WAX stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange and is a blockchain specifically made for trading virtual items such as rare and collectible items in video games and virtual worlds. The WAX blockchain serves as a decentralized marketplace and dapp platform that is hyper-focused on video gaming and virtual collectibles. Rather than having to trust a centralized video game provider or network, players can truly own their virtual assets and trade them with anyone on the WAX platform. Holders of the virtual goods can also know that the items are provably rare and can’t just be created whenever the game developer decides to make more.

  • Trade collectibles instantly, with anyone, anywhere in the world – for free!
  • Sell virtual items on secondary marketplaces for real fiat currency such as dollar or euros
  • Trade with confidence that every collectible is certified authentic, unique, and can never be altered or counterfeited
  • View a collectible’s full ownership records and trading history
  • Showcase collectibles on social media
  • Search wishlists of other traders and propose trades
  • Instant trades; no more hassle with long shipping times
  • No more wear and tear, you collectibles are there eternally

Simply make a WAX wallet at and press on the “Buy WAXP” button when you are logged in.

NFT means Non-Fungible Token, which is, an entry on a blockchain that underlies a new form of cryptocurrency, just like Bitcoin. The thing with bitcoins or other crypto is they are indistinguishable from one another, boring right?

NFTs on the other hand are completely unique and different from one another. This allows them to be one-of-a-kind things, like artwork, animation, video clips, games or trading cards!

It’s kinda like owning a limited print edition, but it’s digital, you can view on any device, and you can share, trade it or sell it to other collectors worldwide.

The art on the NFT is completely unique and the blockchain part is like your certificate of authenticity. It’s an exciting place and holds a whole new future for collecting art and investing at the same time!

Go to for more info!

R2 collectibles is a collaboration of trading card collectors aiming to deliver high quality artwork to the blockchain.

Our mission it to bring high quality art and collectibles from various artists, galleries and celebrities to the WAX blockchain.

Using non‑fungible tokens we guarantee authentic and easily transferable art for everybody.

For the technical handling of this set R2 collectibles is happy to partner up with EOS Amsterdam.

As an experienced blockchain producer EOS Amsterdam will have required knowledge and know-how for releasing this trading card set.

Trading card pack Amount of packs NFTs Total maximum cards Minting
Gold pack 2500 5 12500 Pre-mint
Platinum pack 1750 30 52500 Pre-mint
Gold pack 1500 60 90000 Pre-mint
Kool Keith Vinyl Box Unlimited for a period of 24-hours 5 + 1 music NFT ? Mint-on-demand
Sample pack Depends on number of giveaways and packs opened; max mint 11600 1 ? Mint-on-demand

The Sample Pack is a free pack that is not available for purchase during the initial sale of Monsters of Rap. They are used for promotional ends, giveaways or can be pulled when opening a pack.

The odds for receiving a free pack are as follow:

  • Gold pack: 10%
  • Platinum pack: 50%
  • Diamond packs: 100%

You will be able to buy and sell ‘Monsters of Rap’ NFTs and ‘Kool Keith’ music tracks on Atomichub.

For support please visit our Discord channel.

The staff and community will do their best to help you out.